Sean Hannity Has Become An Unlikely Defender Of Chris Cuomo Following His CNN Suspension

After the news hit that CNN suspended Chris Cuomo following damning reports that he worked to discredit his brother Andrew Cuomo’s accusers, an unlikely defender came to the younger Cuomo’s aid. During his Tuesday night broadcast, Sean Hannity voiced his full-throated support for Chris Cuomo and argued that he deserves a second chance because, according to Hannity, his only crime was helping out a family member.

Via Mediaite:

“Helping a brother, and a friend, in the worst moment of their life, is probably not the worst offense and he probably lied to himself even though he handled it wrong in terms of his work.”

“If Chris does get back on the air, I assume he will apologize,” he concluded. “I believe in second chances when sincere apologies are made, but it’s you the audience that decides if the apology is sincere.”

Hannity took things even further by suggesting that it’s a good possibility that the former governor “wasn’t honest with his own brother,” but the Fox News host also conceded that the whole thing is a mess. However, at the end of the day, he believes in the first amendment.

“I’ve defended a lot of people that I don’t like or agree with,” Hannity said. “Comedians, Don Imus, even people that I really don’t like that much, Bill Maher, Joy Reid, but I believe in their right to exercise their freedom of speech, it’s a right I deeply believe in.”

(Via Mediaite)