Sean Hannity Got Really Mad At A Joke That Claimed Olive Garden Had Revoked His ‘Lifetime Pasta Pass’

Republicans are going through a lot right now. On Wednesday, following two months of false claims about voter fraud, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, attempting a coup to overturn the 2020 election. It did not go well. Two days later, around the same time Twitter issued outgoing president Donald Trump a lifetime ban, Sean Hannity took to the air to tackle the real issues: No, Olive Garden had not revoked his “lifetime pasta pass,” as you may have heard.

It began as a Twitter joke. Friday afternoon someone made a fake announcement for the world’s largest Italian restaurant chain, in which they appeared to respond to a withering comment Anderson Cooper made on Wednesday that Trumpists, after trying to overthrow the government, casually went there to eat some of their questionable foodstuffs. One of the details had them claim they had “invalidated our Never Ending Pasta Pass.” What’s more, they also “revoked a Lifetime Pasta Pass from Sean Hannity.”

But there was one person who didn’t find it funny: Sean Hannity. The Fox News host carved out some time on his broadcast to address the issue, to set the record straight.

“I’ve said many times this week: I love Olive Garden,” Hannity stated. “They have unlimited salad, the most delicious garlic bread sticks, great pasta.” He then went on to address a “menacing report,” which is to say a photoshopped joke tweet about him losing his lifetime pass, which, mind you, does not exist anyway, so there. “I never signed up for a pasta pass. First of all, it’s fake news. And by the way, I still plan on ordering from my local Olive Garden, or wherever I happen to be traveling, soon.

“Unless they ban me, which would be very sad — a sad day in my life,” Hannity added.

It’s not like he had other, more important stuff to talk about, like how many of the people who’ve been filing false claims about the election that he’s aired on his show have suddenly been removed from Twitter.

In the meantime, please revisit John Oliver’s epic takedown of the Italian eatery and its suspicious dishes.

(Via The Wrap)