Sebastian Stan Boldly Posted A Very Revealing Photo To Promote ‘Monday,’ And The Internet Lost It

“I might not be Cap, but I can be America’s Ass in Greece” – Not a real Sebastian Stan quote

Where to begin with this story? Oh boy. Sebastian Stan, best known (fairly or not) as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s James “Bucky” Buchanan Barnes, is promoting a romantic drama, Monday, which arrives on VOD and in limited theaters on Friday, April 16. Let’s just say that this is definitely not a Disney flick, and although Sebastian is no stranger to sexy dark comedies (like 2016’s The Bronze), this one contains, well, a special treat for fans. I shall not spoil what actually happens (this movie is more dramatic than comedic), but Sebastian is giving a lot away ahead of release, and let’s just say that he’s willing to do anything that he can possibly do to promote this movie. (Dude is a team player.)

That includes one-upping Chris Meloni by going full-on booty out while posting a photo from the Athens, Greece set.

It is amusingly worth nothing that this is happening after his highly emotional scene in last week’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which has left some Marvel fans calling for him to win an Emmy. Hey, the guy can act and show things off, too. Naturally, social media lost it with reactions on Instagram ranging from “sir my mom is on this app” to “Sebastian baby, it’s too early.” And one Twitter user made a clever play on one Netflix account’s declaration that “Sebastian Stan ALWAYS understands the assignment.”

In general, people kinda lost their minds over the image.

Sebastian Stan wants you to remember that Monday arrives on April 18.