Senate Republicans Predictably Used The Filibuster To Block Democrats’ Voting Reform Bill, And People Are Pissed

On Tuesday, what everyone, including Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, said would happen happened: the Senate GOP stalled the For the People Act. How did they do this? They used the filibuster, whose removal is opposed by Democratic senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. And though what happened has been seen as a foregone conclusion, after it did happen, people on social media were pissed.

The bill was intended to expand voting rights, which have been under attack for months by Republicans nationwide. Among its aims include banning partisan gerrymandering, forcing super PACs to disclose big donors, and reform the public campaign financing system. Democrats took control of all three houses of government, and this could have been their first ambitious piece of legislation.

But for now it’s stalled, perhaps indefinitely. As per The New York Times, there remains no clear path forward for the bill. A watered-down version introduced by Manchin, dubbed the John Lewis Voting Rights Act — named after the late Democratic representative and civil rights icon — appears to be gaining no traction with Republicans.

The only course of action that could work remains ending the filibuster, which critics argue has long been abused by Republicans to kill Democratic legislation. But again, Sinema and Manchin stand in the way, despite being slammed for their attempts at defending their actions.

So with little hope for recourse, people took to Twitter to vent. Some focused on Manchin, who claimed he could find 10 Republicans to support the bill. He was off by 10.

Some pointed out that maybe something’s wrong with the country when the party that controls the House and Senate and the White House can’t stop a minority party from creating legislation to put them back in power.

Others the GOP, who keep blocking key pieces of legislation.

Others came for Sinema.

Others theorized, in an epic thread, that McConnell will probably wind up killing the filibuster when the GOP takes over, possibly in 2022.

Many said this was the final proof that the filibuster must be destroyed.

And while they’re at it, maybe end a few other weapons Republicans love to have in their arsenal.

(Via NYT)