Seth Meyers Trashes Fox News For Pushing Horse Medicine As A COVID Cure: ‘How Does This Sh*t Keep Getting Dumber And Dumber?’

Whenever Seth Meyers fires up his “A Closer Look” segment, the Late Night host never fails to go all out in roasting a topic. This time around, Meyers set his sights on the dangerous medical trend surrounding Ivermectin. Over the past month, conservatives have increasingly turned to the drug as an alternative to getting the COVID-19 vaccine and even gone so far as to claim it’s a cure to the pandemic disease. There’s just one small problem: Ivermectin is a deworming medicine for livestock. As in, not for human consumption.

During Thursday’s “A Closer Look,” Meyers unloaded on Fox News for pushing the “miracle drug,” which completely caught the Late Night host by surprise. Via Vanity Fair:

“I gotta say, when I first heard that Fox News was pushing Ivermectin, I knew it was gonna be bad, but I was not expecting it to be horse dewormer,” Meyers said. “It sounds like the name of a drug they give supersoldiers in a Paul Verhoeven movie to turn them into Robocops.” He continued, “You know someone at the company that made ivermectin once said, ‘Hey, should we put “not for people” on the horse pill labels?’ and someone else said, ‘There’s a picture of a horse on the bottle, it’s fine!’”

But Meyers didn’t stop there. The Late Night host continued to blast this latest development, which is a new low in Fox News ongoing efforts to weaken COVID mitigation efforts.

“I mean, how does this sh*t keep getting dumber and dumber?” Meyers asked. “First, it was hydroxychloroquine, then it was bleach, powerful lights, now it’s horse dewormer? I’m honestly terrified to imagine what’s next. One day, we’re gonna wake up and Brian Kilmeade’s gonna be telling people you can cure Covid by eating kibble and sleeping in a bed of kitty litter.”