Seth Meyers Is In Awe Of The Lengths That Mike Lindell And Rudy Giuliani Will Go To ‘Debase And Humiliate’ Themselves For Trump

After four years of dealing with “President” Donald Trump and more than six months of witnessing the fallout from that political disaster, it’s hard to be surprised by anything the former president—or any of his cronies—say and do. But Seth Meyers still made time to be amazed by what has been “a week of consequences for some of the most corrupt people in politics.”

Meyers dedicated Wednesday’s “A Closer Look” segment to “the many weirdos who tried to help Donald Trump overthrow the election [and now] are in major legal and financial trouble.” First up was Rudy Giuliani and his new gig selling the world’s creepiest birthday wishes, and whatever remains of his soul, on Cameo. But Meyers saved the bulk of his energy for crack addict-turned-crackpot Mike Lindell.

The big day of the MyPillow founder’s much ballyhooed-about cyber symposium finally arrived this week, and it was as disastrous as you’d both expect and hope for. You might recall that back in May, Lindell was turned away from a Republican Governors Association event after vowing to confront two of its attendees over the “stolen” election. That may have been months ago, but Lindell hasn’t forgotten, and devoted a fair amount of his stage time discussing this particular incident… which, again, happened months ago. Yet when he started going off about it, someone actually pulled the “we have something to show you backstage” routine to and attempted to oust the man who created the symposium off the stage of his own symposium. Meyers had some thoughts:

“In what way was this a cyber symposium? From what I can tell he spent a lot of the time complaining about getting kicked out of other events. Imagine going to see a man, who admits this is the only room he’s been allowed to stay in. And then imagine if he was also asked to leave that room, and then refused…

Amazing! First he got kicked out of the Republican Governors convention and then they tried to drag him out of his own symposium. Next they’re going to kick him off the board of MyPillow.”

The comeuppance is hardly surprising to Meyers, who noted that Rudy and Mike Lindell are now “finding out what happens when you debase and humiliate yourself in service of a man who never returns any loyalty to the people he demands it from. Every day they embarrass themselves and suffer new indignities on Trump’s behalf.”

You can watch the full segment (the Lindell part starts around the 9:00 mark) above.