Seth Meyers Ruthlessly Mocks Rudy Giuliani For Being Sued By Dominion For Over $1 Billion

Thanks to hitching to himself to Donald Trump’s plummeting star by acting as the public, oozing face of the disgraced former president’s conspiracy theories about election fraud, Rudy Giuliani is now the subject of a $1.3 billion lawsuit from Dominion Voting Machines, and Seth Meyers had a field day with the latest in a long line of blunders from Rudy. During Monday night’s A Closer Look segment, Meyers ruthlessly dunked on Giuliani over the lawsuit.

“Good thing vampires are immortal because he’ll have to work for the rest of his life to pay that off,” Meyers quipped. “I mean, this poor man doesn’t have any money. Remember how he couldn’t even afford hair dye and just rubbed a typewriter ribbon on his head? Plus, he’s probably still paying alimony to his cousin.”

Of course, no joke will ever compare to the words that fly out of Giuliani’s mouth. While responding to questions about the aggressive action from Dominion, which has already forced bigger fish like Fox News and Newsmax to retract their election fraud claims, Giuliani doubled down. Via The Daily Beast:

“Really, $1.3 billion? What do you think I am, some kind of jackass?” Giuliani responded in a radio interview earlier in the day. “That’s intended to frighten me, you want to frighten me, you want to scare me, like you have some of these companies and stations that have gone ahead and kissed your you-know-what. Because they’re afraid of you. Well I tell you I’m a crazy guy, I really am, I’m just really crazy.”

That should end well. You can watch the full segment on Giuliani above.