Seth Meyers Is Calling Bullsh*t On Rudy Giuliani’s Claim That He Wasn’t Drunk During His 9/11 Anniversary Speech

If ever there was a time for Rudy Giuliani to regain even an ounce of the respect that he has lost around the world for being a bona fide nutter, the 20th anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001—his response to which earned him the nickname of “America’s Mayor.” It was a solemn occasion to be sure… unless you were at Rudy’s annual 9/11 memorial dinner, which a seemingly inebriated Giuliani appeared to have mistaken for open mic night at the Chuckle Hut, complete with a terrible impression Queen Elizabeth II.

While Giuliani is swearing he was not totally sloshed when he gave that speech, Seth Meyers isn’t buying it. On Monday night, Meyers dedicated half of his “A Closer Look” segment to Rudy’s bizarre 9/11 behavior, and his terrible knack for impersonations. More importantly, Meyers wanted to make it clear that Giuliani has absolutely denied that he was plastered during that terrible piece of performance art—and that the Late Night host wasn’t buying it:

Rudy gave an interview over the weekend and I’m going to read it to you, the actual transcript, like a guy trying to get his keys from the bartender:

‘Yes I had a scotch. But I was not drunk. There is a deliberate attempt [by] the left wing to paint me that way. I am not a drunk. I don’t think I’ve ever [been] publicly drunk in my whole life. The last time I was—was probably in college. I like to drink scotch and have cigars. That’s where it probably comes from. I drink moderate amounts of scotch. I mostly drink scotch because I like to have it with cigars.

I didn’t have a cigar last night. And this is a caricature that the left is trying to put on me… I can’t remember the last time I was drunk. Yes, of course, I had a scotch at the beginning of dinner. Beyond that, I didn’t have — it was watered down. Not even sure I drank the whole thing. It hurts my reputation for someone to say I’m drunk.’

The good news for Rudy is that it’s not his slurred speeches or other seemingly inebriated antics that have lost him the respect of pretty much everyone, including former BFF Donald Trump. “But sure, that’s what’s hurting your reputation,” Meyers said. “Not the fact that you helped incite a riot at the Capitol, lied about the election, had your law license suspended, forgot to swing your balls forward before you sat down for an interview, accidentally gave a press conference outside a landscaping company, had hair dye leaking out of the side of your head like the juice leaking out of a Hefty bag, and got caught shaving at a table in an airport.”

You can watch the full clip, which begins around the 5:30 mark, above.