Seth Meyers Roasts Trump’s Ousted Lawyer Who Was Too Kooky For Rudy Giuliani And Tucker Carlson

Seth Meyers went to town on Donald Trump’s legal team’s latest blunder, which now involves working with a lawyer who turned out to be too crazy for even Rudy Giuliani. That’s not easy to do! The attorney in question is Sidney Powell, who made her legal team debut during the disastrous press conference where Giuliani dripped hair dye down his face. Powell spouted conspiracy theories that were too insane for Fox News, and her unwillingness to provide evidence of her wild accusations earned her a surprise takedown by Tucker Carlson.

By Sunday, the situation with Powell had become so increasingly untenable that Trump’s legal team disavowed her after she began accusing Republicans of conspiring against the president. Powell claimed that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp secretly coordinated with the CIA and Venezuelan director Hugo Chavez, who’s been dead for seven years, to make Joe Biden the winner of Georgia’s electoral votes. Enter Meyers who roasted Giuliani’s “Elite Strike Force” over the Powell situation while calling her “crazier than a cereal mascot”:

“It’s both insane that they’re trying to pretend that she was never part of the legal team when she was literally standing at an official Trump press conference, and also believable that someone could wander into a Trump press conference and say they’re his lawyer.”

You can watch the full Late Night segment above or jump ahead to the 9:14 mark to watch Meyers make a meal out of the Sidney Powell fiasco.