Seth Rogen Just Can’t Stop Telling MAGA Insurrection Enabler Ted Cruz To F*ck Off

For weeks after the presidential election in November, Ted Cruz parroted Donald Trump talking points and played a part in stirring up his supporters with misinformation that culminated in a riot at the US Capitol that left five people dead. That hasn’t stopped the senator from Texas from continuing bad faith arguments and online feuds even after Trump left office. And so it seems Seth Rogen is more than happy to continue telling Cruz to f*ck off on Twitter.

The actor and pottery enthusiast has spent the last few weeks occasionally replying to messages Cruz sends online with profane rebukes, and Cruz seems more than happy to pick a fight with the guy who starred in Pineapple Express. The arguments usually go something like this: Cruz says something silly, like incorrectly suggesting the Paris Climate Accords is bad for America because it was written by Parisians, or something. Then Rogen tells him to f*ck off.

Cruz usually calls Rogen a Hollywood elite, or disparages the nature of his movies, and Rogen tells him to f*ck off again.

This happened again over the weekend, with Cruz getting mad about foul language while playing in stereotypes about Tourette’s syndrome. That didn’t sit well with plenty of people watching the exchange unfold.

And Rogen felt the same way, pointing out the stereotype and telling Cruz to f*ck off once again.

As another viral tweet put it plainly, Rogen’s life online has a very specific rhythm these days and no one but Cruz seems to be complaining.

It seems unlikely that Cruz will actually just go away: he’s still an elected official and thus far has seen no real consequences for the role he played in the MAGA coup attempt. But Rogen is certainly trying his best to make life online for the senator a bit tougher. And it’s hard to argue that he doesn’t deserve that at the very least.