This Female Sex Addict Claims To Have Kept A Scorecard Tracking 140 Lovers Over The Past 30 Years

A 53-year-old woman from Dublin, Ireland, has for some reason come forward with a diary she’s been keeping for the past three decades documenting all of the men she’s slept with, keeping them all individually rated with a detailed scorecard and everything. Sandy Nardo claims that she’s been with 140 men in thirty different countries, including a six-month marriage that resulted in a 28-year-old son — who probably doesn’t feel weird about this at all.

Sandy recently paused her crusade for the world’s penises, which included threesomes and trysts with married men, to move home to take care of her ailing mother. But if I know Sandy (I don’t) she’ll be back on that horse again in no time. Says The Mirror:

“I wanted to remember them all – even the rubbish ones. I have no regrets of what I have done. Sometimes it was mind blowing sometimes it was mind numbing but they are all experiences that made me the woman I am today. I have travelled the world all my life and I have slept with men from over 30 countries.”

She travelled the world working as a burlesque dancer and a translator, all the while adding to her book of lovers. The men were all secretly marked out of ten for their talents, their looks, their wealth and the length of the encounter. She also gave them a code for their ’emotional state’ – E for ‘eucky’, B for bored, Y for yum and F for fun.

Here’s a snapshot of Sandy’s rating system:

My favorite thing about this is that if a man did this sort of thing, it would be decried as sexist and douchebaggy, but a woman can totally get away with it. And no, I’m not being sarcastic — so save your outrage, men of the comments section. This is one of the few times a double standard swings in favor of womankind, so excuse me while I savor the sh*t out of it. Go and get it, you crazy old dick-loving lady.