Sharon Stone Apparently Got Blocked On A Widely Popular Dating App And Vented To The Whole World

Sharon Stone’s still going strong with her acting career (she’ll soon appear in HBO’s The New Pope), and she has a hefty slate of charity endeavors (including holding amfAR galas geared toward ending the HIV epidemic). Stone also recently took the stage at the GQ Awards and channeled a Basic Instinct scene to make a point about life-altering moments. In her downtime, though, she’d still like to meet a nice fellow, or so it would seem because she tried the Bumble dating app and apparently got shut down. Not cool!

Yes, it’s true … maybe? Stone maintains that this actually happened on the swipe-happy dating app that revolves around women sending the first message. Late Sunday night, Stone tweeted that her account was closed after multiple users reported her account for allegedly being fake. She asked Bumble, “[I]s being me exclusionary?” Then she implored the dating app, “Don’t shut me out of the hive.”

Stone also posted evidence in the form of a screenshot.

Hopefully, this is a legit instance of Stone actually wanting to try Bumble, although there’s a chance that it’s a clever endorsement deal of some sort. Whatever the case, the editorial director of Bumble, Claire O’Connor, tweeted that she was on the case and determined to see the actress returned to the hive. Soon, O’Connor declared that Stone had been unblocked, so “[t]hanks for bearing with us and hope you find your honey.”

All’s well that ends well, or so it would seem? Happy swiping, y’all.