And Now ‘The Simpsons’ Is Getting A Little Credit For Predicting The Winter Olympics ‘Rogue Squirrel’ Encounter


The Simpsons have gotten credit for predicting President Trump, calling the winner of numerous sports events, and even digging in on possible movies that have yet to enter production, like Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The most recent prediction came with the Winter Olympics and the shocking gold medal win for the United States in curling. It’s a little dubious, sure, but it’s also not the only reference from The Simpsons getting some play in 2018.

As you’ll see in the clip below, a “rogue squirrel” ran onto the middle of the snowboarding course and it narrowly missed a nasty end courtesy of Austria’s Daniela Ulbing.

It wouldn’t be anything compared to Randy Johnson sending a mourning dove to the next realm, but it would’ve been pretty rough. But the moment didn’t stop Josh Weinstein from pointing out that The Simpsons very well may have predicted this moment. It didn’t, but it does show that you can practically do this at almost any moment in life.

If anything, it gave people another chance to enjoy making Simpsons references. This includes a call back to the scene in question — embedded below — with Lenny questioning the stability of the rocket house’s brakes.

Of course, there was one person hanging some clouds over the parade and saying the references were getting “frighteningly obscure.”

The proper way to treat this is less as a reach for content, but more as a joke on the stretch of The Simpsons predictions we’ve seen. Also, it is an excuse to enjoy the golden days of the show once again.

(Via Twitter)