Samuel L. Jackson Was Nowhere To Be Found During This Real-Life ‘Snakes On A Plane’ Situation

Snakes on a Plane is better in theory (“Mace Windu battling snakes… on a plane? That’s a winning combination!”) than in practice (“Why is this over 100 minutes long?”). Still, the world is better off with having the film in it, if only for this bit of trivia: Samuel L. Jackson has starred in as many movies called Snakes on a Plane as he has Oscar nominations. That’s not right, and neither is this video of an actual motherf*cking snake on an actual motherf*cking plane.

The slithery footage was recorded by passenger Indalecio Medina during an AeroMexico flight from Torreon to Mexico City. “The flying snake… ha ha ha,” he tweeted. “A unique experience.” Medina later added, according to the Daily Mail, “I had to catch it with a blanket and obviously we gave it some magazines to read for a while. The snake arrived alive and kicking, frightened but without having paid its airfare. And best of all, priority when it came to landing and animal control experts waiting for the unexpected traveller.”

The airline told CNN that they’re unsure how the five-foot-long green viper — which, yes, is venomous, though rarely fatally — got on the plane, but “measures have been taken to avoid such incidents in the future.” It involves sending roses and a giant cardboard check to Samuel L. Jackson’s house.

(Via the Daily Mail)