‘SNL’ Weekend Update’s Colin Jost Seems Pretty Sure New GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson Is AI: ‘No Way’ He’s A ‘Real Person’

It took three weeks of pure, weird chaos, but House Republicans finally found a replacement for ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy. His name is Mike Johnson. Who on earth is Mike Johnson? Nobody seems to know, but despite his generic name and bland mien, he has some pretty out-there views. On the latest SNL, Weekend Update hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che couldn’t get past how Stepford he seemed.

“After weeks of struggling to elect a new Speaker of the House, Republicans gave up and just generated one with AI,” Jost told viewers. “There’s no way Mike Johnson is a real person. He’s supposed to be a conservative Republican yet he looks like every MSNBC host combined.”

Jost also speculated on how Johnson scored his new gig, saying, “I feel like the way Mike Johnson got elected is that after weeks of voting, Republicans got bored and all wrote in the same fake name and then they were like, ‘Wait, that’s a real guy?’”

Che then focused on some of Johnson’s out-dated beliefs, saying he’s “been called homophobic for supporting anti-LGBTQ legislation and saying homosexuality is bizarre and deviant.” Che then added, “Which are two fantastic gay clubs on the West Side, by the way.”

Che and Jost also cracked wise about Trump finally giving testimony in court, on his former veep, Mike Pence, ended his spluttering presidential campaign, and on Mitch McConnell claiming he’s “completely recovered” after multiple bouts of freezing up in public. Said Jost, “Suspiciously he made the comments while being held up by two guys in beach wear,” prompting a Photoshopped image from Weekend at Bernie’s.

You can watch Weekend Update in the videos above and below.