Somebody Made A ‘Batman Vs. Terminator’ Animated Fan Film And It’s Kind Of Amazing

I love you too much Frank Miller old man Batman. 

Whoa, where the hell did this come from? Tony Guerrero and Mitchell Hammond decided to go and make an animated fan film set in a world where Skynet takes over the DC Universe. Of course Batman survives the apocalypse and now rumbles around the crumbled ruins of civilization blasting terminators in a giant rumbler/tank.

The film’s animation and effects aren’t perfect because, well, it was made by two guys, but the mood is spot on. A perfect mix of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and the stark, neon and synthesizer-heavy vibe of the original Terminator. Check it out below…

Ughhh, want this to be real so bad. Give these guys money Warner Bros. Animation.

via Comics Alliance