The Star Of One Of The Biggest Movies In America Is Spreading QAnon-Endorsed Conspiracy Theories About Harvesting Blood From Kids

One of the best things about Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One coming out to “save Hollywood’s ass” is that it means the number-one movie in America will no longer be Sound of Freedom. The surprise box office hit about child sex trafficking has been championed by far-right dopes like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson, while “some critics say the film appeals to the QAnon movement, which posits a false conspiracy theory accusing progressive elites of pedophilia,” according to the New York Times.

Sound of Freedom star Jim Caviezel went on Steve Bannon’s podcast to discuss an upcoming screening of the film for Donald Trump — and to spread a conspiracy theory about liberals draining blood from children.

“I also want to say to Donald Trump, then when you watch this movie, you will be at peace and at rest because you, more than anyone, have done incredible things Jesus talks about, that you know faith without works is dead,” The Passion of the Christ actor said. “I believe Donald Trump was selected by God Almighty, and I’m talking about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit God.”

He continued, via Raw Story:

Caviezel also talked about a QAnon theory that claims liberal elites — often in Hollywood – drink the blood of infants to obtain their adrenochrome. “That’s why the devil wants to kill him, wants to hurt them. It’s always been this way since Pharaoh and then to Herod and now but more than ever and enslaving them and doing many, many things including organ harvesting and adrenochroming. And I will say that until I’m, you know, I’m dead,” he said.

If Jim could get his hands on that sweet, sweet blood, he would finally make the “biggest film” in history. But the elite won’t share any!

(Via Raw Story)