The ‘Complete Rip Off’ Space Force Uniforms Are Reminding Everyone That Space Force Is Still A Thing

Space Force: it’s more than just the other Steve Carell sitcom!

It’s also the name of the sixth U.S. military service branch that’s charged with “missions and operations in the rapidly evolving space domain” (SPACE CRIME?!?), where members are known as “guardians.” People had “that sounds familiar” jokes then and they have jokes now for the guardians’ dress uniforms.

Space News (name a more reliable source for space-based news, you can’t) reports that earlier today at the Air Force Association’s Air, Space, & Cyber conference, Gen. Jay Raymond, commander of the US Space Force, unveiled the service’s dress uniform.

Space Force service members, known as guardians, will wear the dress uniform for formal business and ceremonial events. Raymond said these are prototypes and the Space Force invites feedback on these designs… The uniforms were designed with distinct features intended to highlight unique Space Force culture. The dark “space blue” jacket is a roundneck crossover design with a partial mandarin collar rather than the classic lapel blazer. The pants are dark grey.

Raymond described the uniforms as “distinctive, modern, professional, and comfortable to wear” and invited feedback on the design. He may not want to check Twitter, or if he does, he should probably mute the words “Battlestar Galactica.”

(Via Space News)