A Spanish Pro Boxer Apologized After A Physical Altercation At A ‘Garfield’ Showing In Spain

A screening of The Garfield Movie in Spain turned into a showdown.

Earlier this week, Spanish boxer Antonio Barrul, a six-time national champion at amateur level who turned pro last year, had brought his son and his wife to a showing of The Garfield Movie in León, Spain. While in attendance, Barrul noticed someone who was also there with his partner, however, he did not like the way the man was treating the woman.

Barrul walked down several rows of seats and confronted the man, before punching him, which resulted in the man falling to the ground.

Clips of the altercation soon went viral on social media. Barrul eventually went on record via Radioestadio Noche (per Daily Express) to explain what happened and to show remorse for how it went down.

“He started to threaten me and it got worse and worse until I decided to go down [to where he was sitting],” Barrul said. “I couldn’t control myself and what you see in the video happened.”

While he admits he felt justified in his reaction, he says he would handle it diffently

“I apologized in the cinema and publicly because those images do not make me proud,” he said. “What is shown in that video is not who I am. I would try to get the security to come and take him away. If security had come on time, many things could have been avoided.”

You can see a clip above.