The National Spelling Bee Twitter Account Shut Down A Troll So Hard They Quit Twitter

Trolling the National Spelling Bee on Twitter seems like a dubious endeavor from the get-go. Why would you come at a feel-good event like the Spelling Bee? That’s strike one. Next, you make fun of a bunch of kids for sitting on the “Comfort Couch” (which is where the contestants who have lost go to sit and collect themselves). Ragging on the Comfort Couch essentially turns it into a couch of shame, and no one wants or needs that. The stakes are high, but they don’t have to be so intense, Twitter dude. This isn’t life or death. That’s strike two.

Strike three is misspelling a four-letter word when you’re trying to take the National Spelling Bee down a notch for giving the kids a couch to sit on when they’re upset about being eliminated.

The irony is strong, with this one.

Luckily, the National Spelling Bee Twitter account showed some teeth and shut down the troll in epic style — with a single correction to his unforgivable misspelling. With a single tweet, this man felt such shame he quit Twitter. That’s right, he quit Twitter.

That doesn’t absolve the people piling on the troll from being corrected by @ScrippsBee, though. No one can escape their wrath.

The rest of the Twitter-verse thoroughly enjoyed the burn.

Take thee to the Comfort Couch. Rest thy charred behind.