Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag Took Their Alex Jones Love Affair To Crazy Town By Appearing On His Show To Rant About Tyranny And The New World Order

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07.27.17 3 Comments

The current political climate is already pretty hard to handle with what is dropping daily from Washington, D.C. and The White House. When Trump’s new communications director is disregarding any of his filters for a wild interview with the New Yorker and the president is giving boy scouts a full political speech, you know it is an interesting time for politics. But then Alex Jones meets up with former reality stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag on the beach in Hawaii to discuss politics, tyranny, fake news, and the secret Hollywood cabal that is keeping their careers stagnant, leaving you to wonder if we’ve actually reached the bottom of the abyss.

We have not because this is actually real life and always has been, the only thing that has changed is the access. Proof for that can be found with the relationship between the former Hills duo and Jones’ Infowars, dating back close to a decade. As the couple says in the video, they were the famous names then and Jones was still just a conspiracy theorist out there talking about how 9/11 was fake and the Globalists were coming to pour Joker venom in the water supply. The couple first appeared with Jones back in 2009 on his radio show, describing how the media had demonized them, the mark of the beast, and how their eyes were opened by Jones’ documentaries about 9/11 being an inside job:

We used to have a phenomenal relationship with the media, they’ve kind of turned on us now because they’ve created us into such a monstrous thing…a monster in their opinion,…like they made us too big, like the Obama-sized us…[The Hills] just like the American government can narrate our media, is the same exact principles, like, so they can either put a positive light on you or a negative light. We took the negative light, and smiled, and went with it, and you know, we’re very appreciative of you know, good press, negative press, whatever, because end of the day, now we have a bigger, you know, reach to talk about Alex Jones and you know the New World Order takeover, so…

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