Behold, The Sexy Allure Of An Actual Sperm Donation Room

Sperm donation rooms at fertility clinics are really the only place it’s not only acceptable, but encouraged to jerk off in a place that’s not your own home. But have you ever wondered what this veritable masturbation oasis looks like behind closed doors? I mean, I guess some of you already know as I’m sure there are at least a few UPROXX reader sperm donor babies out there, as I’m sure the demand is very, very great. But for the rest of us, one sperm donating Redditor has finally pulled back the curtains to give us a glimpse of what the sperm donation room really looks like. And it’s kind of… boring?

Here’s the subject of our unending fascination. I like it that the jerking chair has a little swinging table attached to it, presumably to hold your reading material. That’s an awfully convenient and thoughtful touch:

Washing your hands: VERY IMPORTANT.

Another nice touch, because remember, not all sperm donors are necessarily straight:

The germaphobe in me would not want to touch this, but hey, just in case you forget your smartphone.

Another mystery solved, thanks to Reddit.