Spider-Man 2099 In Another Game?

You know which Marvel idea never really got its due? The 2099 series. For you whippersnappers, it was essentially Marvel meets ’80s cyberpunk, and it’s every bit as awesome and ridiculous as it sounds, especially when you’ve got Peter David writing each issue. Pick up a few issues at your local comics shop; they were comics from the ’90s so they’ll be cheap as dirty and twice as common, they’re a lot of fun.
Anyway, the nerd inside me giggled when “Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions” featured a bunch of Spideys, including Miguel O’Hara, and now we’ve got a game that features Spidey 2099 as a major character. They even have a lot of little nods to the 2099 timeline (Alchemax was the evil corporation that ran everything, which you need in every cyberpunk scenario).
Unfortunately, the game just looks like a bog-standard beat-em-up, but it’s nice to see Marvel remembering its good ideas, and it’s also a nice touch that Peter David is writing the game. The trailer for your consumption on the next slide.

[ via the guys not up on their comics (Angry Spider-Man? Really? Nerd fail, but we love ya anyway.) at Rock Paper Shotgun ]

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