The 3D-Rendered Anatomy Of That ‘Spider-Woman #1’ Cover Is Nightmarish

You might remember that Marvel, last week, debuted the alternate cover of Spider-Woman #1 by Milo Manara, and it was exactly what you’d expect from a porn artist. Manara has since insisted that critics of his art are terrorists, but it does raise the question… just how bad is this cover, artistically?

Redditor dinoignacio decided to find out and, well, the results say it all:

You might have seen an alternate argument that the anatomy, while awkward, is realistic, but look at the cover again, specifically the diagonal shadow across the frame. It’s far too shallow for that design to work, and even if it did work, it would still be, well, somewhat undignified for any superhero. And I say this as the guy who got paid to watch Vivid’s take on Wolverine. Maybe Manara can claim he was just responding to a certain statue of Spider-Man?