Spike Lee Toasting Trump’s Loss With A Bottle Of Champagne Is Making People Even Happier

Spike Lee never does anything by half-measures. He never holds back, not in his movies, not in public appearances, and certainly not in his front row seat at Knicks games. So when soon-to-be-former president Donald J. Trump — a man he’s mocked and called out in both BlackKklansman and Da 5 Bloodslost his big for re-election, he didn’t do it lightly.

Early Saturday, a number of publications — CNN, The New York Times, even Fox News — finally called the election in favor of Joe Biden, the former Vice President to Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama. The news was a huge relief, especially since there was so much build-up. It took four days after the election for certain battleground states, such as Pennsylvania and Georgia, to count all the votes, especially given the record number of absentee ballots.

Social media was quick to fill up with videos and photos of people taking to the streets in celebration, bidding farewell to one of history’s most hated commanders-in-chief. One of the first featured no less than Spike Lee, who, while actually born in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the most famous New Yorkers, if maybe not as much as the Queens-born Trump. The Oscar-winning filmmaker took to the streets and, as you can see in the video above, he went full-on, jumping up and down as he popped a bottle of bubbly as everyone cheers.

In a way, the election is likely far from over. Trump never committed to a peaceful transition of power, and since Election Night, he’s filled his Twitter feed with misinformation, conspiracy theories, even claims that he won states he did not. He’ll almost certainly spend the next 2 ½ months filing frivolous lawsuits, trying to contest Biden’s win on flimsy or non-existent evidence. But today, let’s not worry about that. Go be like Spike Lee.