People Are Threatening To Boycott Spotify For Hosting Alex Jones ‘Infowars’ Podcasts


After Alex Jones got dinged by both YouTube and Facebook last week due to the dangerous conspiracy theories he continues to spread as well as otherwise controversial content intended to incite his audience, Spotify is now facing a backlash for hosting InfoWars podcasts. Facebook handed Jones a 30 day suspension while YouTube issued a strike for violating broadcast standards — which will result in his channel removed if he gets two more strikes within a three month period.

On Monday, Jones urged his followers to sign up for Spotify to receive his podcast with the reasoning that “big tech giants are currently censoring us harder than ever.”

Blogger Jared Holt also pointed out how difficult it is to get a podcast hosted on the platform.

Spotify has a tenuous track record when it comes to banning artists and content from its platform. Back in May the streaming service unrolled a new Hate Content & Hateful Conduct policy which pledged to stop promoting R. Kelly on playlists and algorithmic recommendations, however apparently pulled an about-face just two weeks later.

This time, Spotify is seeing a significant backlash from giving a platform to the man who regularly encourages his fans to harass gun violence victims. As such, subscribers are starting to abandon ship while artists threaten to pull their music from the platform.

Spotify had better do some damage control and fast, because at this rate, the streaming service will only continue to hemorrhage subscribers.

(Via Daily Beast)

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