Stephen Colbert Found The Most ‘Stirringly Stupid’ Way That Trump Has Raised Money Yet

On a rare off-day from court, Donald Trump hosted a dinner this week for supporters who bought at least 47 of his “mugshot edition” NFTs at 99 bucks a pop. They were also “supposed to receive a physical card with a piece of the suit Trump is said to have worn the day he was arrested last August,” according to Axios, while anyone who purchased 100 NFTs get a piece of the suit “and the tie that Trump was wearing when he was arrested.”

What, no boxers and t-shirt?

On Thursday’s episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert reminded everyone about the NFTs of the “most historically significant artifact in United States history.” He said, “Awhile back, a year ago, something like that, who knows anymore, Trump sold NFTs with stirringly stupid images of him doing things like hanging out in space with a fire lion, holding a guitar in a totally normal way, and grilling burgers for a dog that Kristi Noem would later shoot.”

Colbert did the math, and anyone who bought 47 NFTs pissed away at least $4,653. What else could they have spent that money on? This vending machine, Colbert suggested, with enough money left over for Doritos and Skittles, “which coincidentally, were the entrees at Trump’s dinner.”

You can watch The Late Show monologue above.