Trump Speechwriter Stephen Miller Whined About Biden’s ‘Lifeless And Dry Address,’ And People Pounced On Him

President Biden’s first Address to Congress is pretty much his first State of the Union, except that nothing has been normal for the past year, and everything’s running a few months late, and Joe’s just rolling with it as best as possible. CBS News is reporting that 85% of speech watchers approved of Wednesday night’s proceedings, although we do know that Ted Cruz was not a fan, since he appeared to fall asleep. He had some (also dubious) company, too. That would be Stephen Miller, the former Trump senior advisor who penned many of the reality star’s speeches.

Miller made a name for himself as the architect of both Trump’s Muslim ban and his policy of separating parents and children at the U.S.-Mexico border. Well, the straight-up white supremacist wasn’t pleased about the lack of fire and brimstone in Biden’s address, and he let his thoughts be known.

“It is striking just how tedious & unoriginal the rhetoric was in Biden’s speech,” Miller tweeted. “Also, no outreach, no bipartisanship, no surprises, no warmth — a lifeless and dry address.” He also complained, “So far, this speech is written in the ‘laundry list’ style — the least inspired format for a congressional address.”

Jake Tapper was quick to highlight the complaint (and didn’t even need to note the irony, although that was the effect): “Stephen Miller found the Biden speech without warmth and insufficiently bipartisan.”

From there, the floodgates truly opened, and Miller became a laughingstock, which is much preferable to his previous status as a threat to minorities.