Notorious Anti-Immigrant Ghoul Stephen Miller Is Upset About The ‘Cruelty And Inhumanity’ Of Biden’s Immigration Policy, And People Lost It

Former Trump immigration architect Stephen Miller’s strong ties to Nazis and white supremacists did not surprise when people saw how quickly he moved to push a Muslim ban back in 2017. Not long after, his anti-Mexican policies were praised by xenophobes, given that Miller called for separating children from parents while arguing that failure to adhere to a “zero tolerance” policy at the border would be a display of anti-patriotism. His hard-line policies were not subtle by any stretch, so it’s really something when Miller guested with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, where he railed against Joe Biden for rolling back a Trump immigration ban.

Miller argued that Biden’s policy would encourage unaccompanied minors to flood into the U.S., and he believes that allowing them to enter is the cruelest move of all, which is rich, coming from a former Trump advisor who was accused of crimes against humanity by critics and the public at large. Here’s what the man who lost a high-school election to the Cobrasnake offered:

“What we are seeing here is the cruelty and inhumanity of Joe Biden’s immigration policies. He came into office and announced that there’s an open door, and that young people who come into this country illegally are going to be resettled instead of returned. He is forcing thousands of young children into the arms of smugglers, into the arms of traffickers, into the arms of coyotes… That is cruel. That is inhumane.”

Such baseless accusations have also recently been the talk of the town for wild-eyed Don Jr. and Ted Cruz, who retweeted a Babylon Bee (parody) article on the subject. The conspiracy-theory crowd’s embrace of a certain lie (that Biden will put “kids in cages”) prompted Washington Post to debunk the rumors in an effort to halt the lies, but that hasn’t stopped Miller from spreading the venom to the Fox News audience. And people are beside themselves with both laughter and rage.

That Miller “should be on trial at The Hague” is all over the story, along with musings about whether he sleeps “upside down” at night.