Steve Bannon Appears To Have Turned On Mike Lindell Over His Disastrous Cyber Symposium Because He Failed To ‘Bring The Receipts’

Mike Lindell’s energy knows no bounds. That’s an indisputable fact, and I’m not sure that he ever sleeps, but regardless, he’s been a man on a (dubious) mission in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at his so-called “Cyber Symposium” that was forecast to last 72 hours. The goal of that event has been to prove (even though it’s already been disproven) that Democrats stole the 2020 election from Trump. And naturally with all things involving the Big Lie, the event descended into batsh*ttery with the MyPillow guy claiming that the event had been hacked. The promised proof never materialized, although Lindell kept trashing Dominion Voting Services (despite their billion-dollar countersuits against each other), and something about “packet captures” has led to a disappointed Steve Bannon.

Mind you, Steve Bannon has been part of this event as well. He broadcast his War Room Pandemic podcast while attending the symposium. In doing so, he also slammed Dominion, according to The Daily Beast, which he accused of filing more lawsuits to “kneecap” both OAN and Newsmax.

Yet perhaps Bannon wants to distance himself from the absence of “package capture” evidence that also seems to have raised a fuss on Twitter. Via Raw Story, Bannon went off (on Wednesday) on the way that Lindell went about making his (non-existent) case of voter fraud. “I would have done it differently,” Bannon declared on his podcast. “Mike is his own guy… It’s his show. I would have come out and overwhelmed immediately with packet captures and data and show, hey, here’s what I got.”

Then there was the matter of Lindell’s decision to repeatedly insert a 15-minute propaganda clip, which didn’t impress the former Trump chief strategist at all. “I think this is a mistake,” Bannon complained. “I don’t think they should play this movie again. I want to be brutally frank.” From there, Bannon declared. “You’ve laid a theory of the case out here that’s very powerful, but in laying that case out, you’ve got to bring the receipts.

Being accused by a chief conspiracy theorist of not bringing receipts: not great for fellow conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell!

(Via Raw Story & The Daily Beast)