People Are Really Excited To Get New Stimulus Checks After The Senate Passed Biden’s Pandemic Relief Package

On Saturday, about a month and a half after Biden took office, the Senate passed his first major piece of legislation: the American Rescue Plan, aka the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package. It’s only the third such bill since much of the country went into lockdown just under a year ago, and it’s a doozy, extending unemployment insurance through the summer, earmarking plenty for state and local aid, and even earmarking a bundle to make ACA health plans more affordable.

But there was one significant part of the package that most caught people’s attention: The $1400 headed each American’s way. That’s over twice the amount from the last stimulus package, from late November, which didn’t even make it to a large chunk of Americans’ bank account.

When the bill passed, and people realized they were due another wave of money — again, only the third such payment during a once-in-a-century pandemic that has laid waste to much of American life — people took to Twitter to celebrate.

Although some wanted it posthaste, especially given how badly the last round of stimulus payments was bungled.

Some wondered why it wasn’t even larger.

Many knew they weren’t going to spend it wisely.

And some reminded everyone that while every Democrat in the Senate voted for it, zero Republicans joined them.

In any case, don’t expect that money to hit your account right away. The bill still has to pass through a second round in the House, and then it has to land on Biden’s desk. But hopefully you’ll get it sooner rather than later. Or never.