A Small Group’s Plan To Host A ‘Straight Pride Parade’ In Boston Was Met With Some Unsurprising Reactions

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On Tuesday, social media was alerted to the existence of a small group’s apparent plans for a “straight pride parade” in Boston. New York Times editor Carolyn Ryan’s Tuesday morning tweet about the event, which was initially posted to Facebook last week, quickly went viral after it was posted. Soon after, pretty much everyone on the problematic platform — journalists, comedians, trolls and the like — piled onto the alleged plans with all of the vitriol you can imagine.

As reported by the Washington Post, one of the parade’s organizers claimed that “the city is now working with us on the parade” after they “filed a discrimination complaint” against them. The parade will supposedly have room for “floats and vehicles” to “celebrate straight pride” in Boston and is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 31st. Oh, and as if to make the deal that much sweeter, he also noted that the parade’s official mascot is Brad Pitt, though the actor obviously won’t be participating.

Additional Facebook posts and a link to the group’s website notwithstanding, the “straight pride parade” group seemingly did nothing more than present plenty of fodder for the Twitter trolls. And while all of this attention is surely feeding them more than is advised, it has resulted in some pretty great responses. For starters, the band Smash Mouth is having none of it:

Getting shouted down online by a ’90s rock band is just the tip of the tea-soaked iceberg, of course:

(Via Washington Post)