A Scientific Study Says The Best Path To A Woman’s Orgasm Is Not Where You’d Think


Oh, here we go again, another day, another study about the age-old mystery that is the female orgasm. And apparently, we’re still faking it most of the time! A 2009 study by the National Survey of Sex and Behavior (that we are just getting to now) asked 1,931 sex-having people ages 18 to 59 all about how and how often they achieved their orgasms, and some of the results were turned into some straight-to-the-point charts by the site FiveThirtyEight.

And those results are… honest, we hope. Before getting to the charts, which delve a little, ahem, deeper into the most successful ways to achieve orgasm, there is this statistic: While men said they reached orgasm 91 percent of the time, women only hit it 64 percent of the time. However, men claimed (adorably) that their female partners had achieved orgasm 85 percent of the time… right? They’re just giving themselves a solid B! That’s totally fair! Especially when you’re being lied to during sexual acts.

But women do have orgasms, and here is the chart breaking down how, exactly, everyone has been going about doing that:


According to this chart, there are no recorded sex acts that make women reach climax more than men do, but the only method that comes close is being on the receiving end of anal sex. One hundred percent of men climaxed while receiving anal and a whopping 94 percent of women did. But it should be noted that out of nearly 2,000 respondents, only 31 women said they’d had anal sex. (Twenty five men were on the receiving end.) That is barely representative as compared to vaginal sex, which 730 women and 830 men reported having. Though that was the sex act with the biggest gender disparity; about 67 percent of women reached orgasm through penile-vaginal sex while 95 percent of men did.

So, what is the most reliable way to make your lady scream honestly? Change things up a bit! Variety is the spice of life, and according to Metro, “Women were more likely to achieve orgasm as the number of different sexual acts increased.” So, throw in a little bit of this, a little bit of that, just as Monica taught us on Friends way back in the day:

Seven is important, but so is the stuff leading up to Seven.

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