Sydney Sweeney Is Being Praised For Calling Out A Woman Who Apparently Lied About Being Her Dietician

Universal Studios tour guide Sydney Sweeney called out a social media influencer who claimed to be her dietician.

On the since-deleted Instagram account “colostrum.lover,” a woman (with the world’s worst angle for a selfie) posted a reel with the caption, “I was Sydney Sweeney’s dietican for five years, this is how I helped her get her dream role with five easy food swaps. She wouldn’t stop talking about the last one.”

The word “dietican” being misspelled was the first clue that something was amiss. Clue number two: the user referred to Kraft Mac & Cheese, which Sweeney once called a “childhood staple,” as a “dieticians nightmare” with an “insane amount of additives f*cking with your hormones.”

That’s when the Anyone But You actress stepped in, according to BuzzFeed News.

According to multiple screenshots circulating online, the Euphoria actor commented under the original post and wrote, “i don’t know you and kraft mac n cheese is for life.”

If Sweeney isn’t the official spokesperson for Kraft Mac & Cheese by the end of the week, the head of Kraft’s PR department needs to be dunked into a tub of orange dust.

The Euphoria star’s response went viral, with people celebrating her for calling out a fake. “i need more celebs to start calling out these liars trying to sell diet plans and courses using their names,” one user on X wrote. Another added, “People lie about things that could easily be disproved so boldly these days lol we need to bring back shame.” You can see more reactions below:

(Via BuzzFeed News)