Sylvester Stallone Reportedly Joined Mar-a-Lago And People Are Disappointed If Maybe Not Surprised

For much of his career, Sylvester Stallone has been one of the more openly Republican members of Hollywood. He’s never been a James Woods or a Jon Voight, mostly keeping quiet when it comes to politics. So when Page Six reported that the actor had joined Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s longtime resort and post-presidency home, people couldn’t help but be disappointed, even if they weren’t surprised.

Perhaps everyone should have known. Stallone attended a 2016 New Years party at the beachside getaway, not long after its owner had won his first and only presidential election. Perhaps one reason he shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars for a membership is because he recently bought a lavish compound in nearby Palm Beach, Florida. Since then he’s been posing with Mar-a-Lago guests, flashing his customarily boxing pose.

The news comes less than a week after it was revealed Stallone wouldn’t be returning as Rocky Balboa for the third go in the spin-off series Creed. Michael B. Jordan, the threequel’s star and director, recently said the series would focus exclusively on his character, Adonis, who had been trained and mentored by Rocky. It looks like this is one way the legendary actor and filmmaker will spend his time not shooting on the streets of Philadelphia.

When news broke of his new membership, people couldn’t help but feel let down that Stallone would go the full-Trump.

Some weren’t exactly surprised.

He quickly lost some Philadelphians.

There were jokes.

And speculation about Rocky IV and its depiction of the Soviet Union.

Others pondered his retirement.

And some put into plain words what he was doing.

At least Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of his big ‘80s rivals, knows not to give Trump any money.

(Via Page Six)