Ted Cruz Tried To Come For A Democratic Colleague, And It Only Resulted In Tons Of Cancun Jokes

When he isn’t being dragged on Twitter for inane posts, Ted Cruz is usually busy throwing cogs in the wheels of democracy. Last week, The Hill reported that the Texas senator — who had just been torched for a hypocritical comment about airplanes — tried to broker a deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer: If Democrats help sanction over the Nord 2 pipeline in Europe, he’ll stop helping to block ambassador nominees (along with Josh Hawley, natch). But soon enough, Cruz found an industrious way to once again get dunked on social media.

Democratic representative Eric Swalwell called out Cruz for singlehandedly holding up the works. “This. Is. Not. Democracy,” he wrote. “Ted Cruz is in the minority. And most members of the minority want our ambassadors confirmed. What the hell do you call a system where ONE person can bring diplomacy to a halt?”

Cruz tried to own him. “Hush child,” he wrote. “The adults are working.”

Did the idea of a lawmaker who not that long ago was feuding with a puppet chiding someone for not being an “adult” rub people the wrong way? You betcha. Soon people were reminding everyone about his beef with Big Bird.

Others reminded him of maybe his most embarrassing moment: When he abandoned his constituents in the middle of a crippling freak storm to go on family vacation in Cancún.


Even Dan Rather joined in.

Some reminded everyone of Cruz’s other failings.

Or took umbrage with his suggestion that he’s an adult.