People Are Absolutely Giddy To See How Ted Cruz Tries To Explain His Secret Trip To Cancun While His Powerless State Freezes

Ted Cruz is flying back from Cancun after being busted while leaving a frozen Texas behind as he flew to sunny, warm Cancun. Now, he’s got some explaining to do.

What a pair of sentences that turned out to be, right? Well, here’s what’s gonna happen. Cruz caught wind of the (justifiable) outrage aimed in his direction, and he spent one night in Mexico. So, he decided to hop back on a Thursday afternoon flight and return to Houston. As MSNBC and Punchbowl News’ Jake Sherman uncovered, he even tried to get on the United Airlines upgrade list for his flight. “Cru R” would point toward Ted’s full name, Rafael Edward Cruz, and he missed out on the upgrade, so he’s not only flying back, but he’ll be in coach. And he’ll have an audience when he touches down in Texas.

His ruined vacation seems like the tiniest price for Ted to pay, considering the long, sub-freezing temperatures that Lone Star State residents are still enduring. Millions of people remain without electricity, heat, and water, and Ted’s poorly aged tweets already led to backlash since he mocked California during its past power outages. He then uncharacteristically owned up to having “no defense” for his previous words, and he seemed to settle down, but that was apparently because he was packing for Cancun.

After social media postings made the truth known, and even Fox News correspondents confirmed that Cruz was in Cancun (while noting that a GOP source stated, “The photos speak for themselves”), Ted’s pretty screwed. He did it to himself, of course, so people are breathlessly awaiting his return to Houston. Reporters will surely be awaiting him outside the airport, and people are very excited to speculate on what ridiculous excuses he might make. From “[h]e merely accompanied his family for the night” to “The Green New Deal,” the possibilities are endless.

Here’s another nightmare scenario for some unfortunate traveler.

It won’t be long now….

And yes, of course Cruz has requested to be escorted out of the airport with high security. Sounds about right.