Ted Cruz Took The Stage At CPAC And Promptly Made A Joke About Leaving Texans In The Cold To Flee To Cancun, And People Are Pissed

It’s barely been a week, and already Ted Cruz is cracking jokes about his tone-deaf trip to Cancun while the state of Texas laid paralyzed from a freak winter storm. While speaking at CPAC in Orlando, Florida on Friday (dude just can’t resist a vacation), Cruz thought it was a good time to test out his new material on the conservative crowd after firing off a Zodiac Killer joke earlier in the week about his latest round of disastrous headlines. Immediately after taking the stage at CPAC Cruz yelled, “Orlando is awesome,” before quipping, “It’s not as nice as Cancun.” Noticeably, not even the audience of Republicans laughed, and it didn’t take long for video of Cruz’s “stand-up special” to hit social media, where the Texas senator was roasted all over again for abandoning his constituents to freeze while going for days without power and water.

Cruz’s trip to Cancun isn’t just getting mocked by random people on Twitter. In a bad sign for his presidential ambitions, Cruz is being trolled by his own colleagues. When arriving at the congressional gym on Wednesday, senators found printed-out memes taped to Cruz’s locker along with messages written in Spanish welcoming him back to the United States. Via NBC News:

The rendering featured a manipulated photo of Cruz from his well-documented trip to Mexico, dragging his luggage across an arctic landscape while holding a tropical cocktail garnished with a slice of fruit in his other hand. He is shown walking toward an image of a masked Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. with his arms crossed and wearing striped, knitted gloves — a pose famously captured during January’s inauguration.

Cruz reportedly let the prank go without filing a complaint.

(Via The Recount)