Ted Cruz Landed Back In Texas With His Tail Between His Legs After Being Shamed Into Cutting His Cancun Trip Short, And People Had Jokes

There were two big touchdowns on Thursday: The robot rover NASA sent to Mars successfully landed. And then there was Ted Cruz. In what was perhaps the most covered celebrity airplane arrival since The Beatles first landed in America, the Texas senator arrived back on U.S. soil, tail between his legs, having been shamed into cutting short his impromptu, highly insensitive vacation in Cancun. And, of course, one of the most mocked people on Twitter inspired still more jokes.

Late Wednesday night word broke that Cruz — already under fire for helping to foment the failed MAGA coup of January 6 — had been spotted boarding a plane for Mexico. What was wrong with that? Only that he seemed to be skipping town while millions of people across his state were freezing and without power, all thanks to a freak winter storm. Even the requisite conservative spin, including his own, seemed to be half-assed. Everyone else was furious, many angry enough to channel their rage into social media yuks.

Every step of Cruz’s journey inspired online coverage, so much so that CNN boasted about scoring the first image of him on the plane, preparing for his walk of shame.

Some on the same flight made sure to make some pictures public.

Some caught him flanked with security guards, though they couldn’t protect him from jokes.

When he landed, some made some Mars landing jokes.

There were a lot of cameras waiting for him when he arrived back home.

And there were many, many jokes.



All in all, it really brought us all together during a difficult time.