Ted Cruz Is Now Being Dunked On For His Unfortunate Haircut

As if spending all week getting dragged for his tweets wasn’t enough, Ted Cruz showed up to Donald Trump’s impeachment trail today with a brand new haircut that opened up a whole other avenue of comedy for dunking on the Texas senator. Social media had a field day with Cruz’s new look as folks tried to figure out what exactly Ted is shooting for with his new… mullet? We’re going with mullet.

This isn’t the first time Cruz has stumbled into a hair disaster. While joining his fellow Republicans in mocking COVID-19 restrictions during the start of the pandemic, Cruz visited a Dallas hair salon after the owner was imprisoned for contempt of court and violating a state-mandated restraining order by refusing to close her business. Cruz supported her defiance and stopped in for a not-so-stellar haircut, which also got him roundly mocked.

You can see the reactions to Cruz’s latest hair disaster below:

Cruz’s new haircut is just the latest in a long series of embarrassing moments. Cruz has been ruthlessly dragged on Twitter for mocking the NBA’s choice of Black Americans to salute during Black History Month, badmouthing Princess Leia to defend Gina Carano, trying to look smart by incorrectly citing Shakespeare, and tweeting about breast milk. And that’s just from this week! Cruz also suffered a humiliating moment when Cary Elwes tore into the senator by letting him know that the entire cast and crew of The Princess Bride have “nothing but rabid contempt” for him. As for why that message would be particularly stinging, The Princess Bride is Cruz’s all-time favorite movie. That’s gotta hurt.