‘Brooks Brothers Bear Grylls’: Ted Cruz Is Being Dragged For Filming Himself Lurking In The Bushes At The U.S./Mexico Border At Night

Well, we know where noted party-guy Ted Cruz is spending his spring break. It’s not Cancun, Mexico (he’s been there, done that), but he did decide to take a very different type of voyage to Mexico. Specifically, Cruz gathered up 18 of his fellow Republican lawmakers and went and hung out in the bushes near the U.S./Mexico border. Why did he do such a thing? Cruz and the GOP are attempting to blame/frame what’s happening at the border as as a “Biden crisis,” even though (as Mediaite noted), the Associated Press has instructed reporters to not use the word “crisis” to describe the situation.

Well, Ted posted a video — in which he’s surrounded by vegetation, like he thinks he’s on Man vs. Wild — while claiming to have personally witnessed “overrun” facilities where mothers and infants are being housed, and I guess he got heckled and, as a result, felt threatened? Cruz even hashtagged his video as #BidenBorderCrisis with the following caption: “Live footage from the banks of the Rio Grande.”

As one might imagine, Ted is causing quite a stir as usual. He never fails to look for and grab attention, and he’s being dragged as a result. As Houston Chronicle editor Dan Carson wrote on Twitter, “Ted Cruz is walking around in the dark at the border with a vest on like some kind of Brooks Brothers Bear Grylls.”

Former Cruz senatorial rival Beto O’Rourke came for Cruz as well, accusing him of “cosplay,” and he’s not wrong. “You’re in a Border Patrol boat armed with machine guns,” O’Rourke wrote. “The only threat you face is unarmed children and families who are seeking asylum (as well as the occasional heckler). If you’re looking for a crisis to cosplay Senator for, I’m happy to point you in the right direction.”


Things only got more ridiculous from there. Ted Cruz is performing another self-own here, and he’s one of the best at it.