Ted Cruz’s Mask-On-An-Airplane Shenanigans Are Coming Back To Bite Him In The Ass

Following the CDC’s declaration that it’s alright for most vaccinated people to take the masks off indoors (other than airplanes and similar travel-related situations, along with other exceptions), Ted Cruz’s uncharacteristic (read: measured) reaction might bite him in the butt. Let me rephrase. It’s not uncharacteristic for Ted to sprint onto Fox News with an immediate take, nor is it strange for him to contradict himself. Yet he hopped onto Fox News to declare that, yes, he’s shown himself to be into wearing masks on airplanes.

“Look, when it comes to masks, I’ve never understood the extreme on either side,” Ted declared. “I’ve never been one of those people who said, ‘Never wear a mask.’ I would wear a mask on an airplane, when I went to a grocery store…”

Well, Ted isn’t completely telling the truth here. Yes, he was seen (as in the above photo) entering a Cancun airport (during his ice-storm debacle) while wearing a Texas-flag mask. And sure, he probably entered the plane while wearing his mask. However, he’s completely forgetting that bystanders snapped photos of him taking his mask off while on an airplane. It didn’t take long at all for an ex-alt-government account to throw together a montage of Ted’s mask quotes and photos of him going maskless while up in the air. The montage also shows Ted at CPAC while complaining about the CDC’s mask guidelines like he was doing a comedy routine.

As Vox’s Aaron Rupar puts it, Ted sometimes makes it too easy.