Ted Cruz Is Being Dragged For Slamming A Fellow Senator As A ‘Complete Ass’ For Wearing A Mask

Republican Senator Ted Cruz is getting dragged again on Twitter, this time for failing to understand how the spread of COVID-19 works.

Cruz, who’s solidly repped the “masks are pointless” faction of his party for months, supporting President Trump as he continues to downplay the virus, attacked Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown on social media yesterday for, you guessed it, wearing a face-covering while speaking on the Senate floor. Brown took to the podium during another rushed judge appointment lead by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to ask presiding Republican Senator Dan Sullivan to don a mask while speaking.

“I don’t wear a mask when I’m speaking like most senators…I don’t need your instruction,” Sullivan angrily responded before Brown continued his testimony, calling out the Trump administration’s failure to contain the virus and the president’s lack of interest in attending his own Coronavirus Task Force meetings. The whole exchange quickly landed on Twitter which is where Senator Cruz decided to speak up, safely hiding behind his keyboard as he called Brown an “ass.”

Cruz has been happy to push Coronavirus conspiracies weeks after the presidential election. He retweeted GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest who questioned why CNN had gotten rid of their COVID-19 tracker, implying the network only focused on Coronavirus cases and deaths during the election to hurt Trump’s public image.

But Cruz may have underestimated just how much Twitter hates him because he got trolled hard for his emotional outburst.

Ironically, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has just been put under quarantine after being exposed to the Coronavirus, a fact Cruz has remained oddly silent on following his latest Twitter rant.

Hopefully, someone in his camp has explained how airborne viruses travel in contained spaces in terms Cruz can understand.