Ted Cruz Is Fuming After Being Laughed At For Falling For A Conservative Parody Article From The Babylon Bee

Oh, Ted Cruz. On one hand, it’s almost admirable that the much maligned senator from Texas can’t stop owning himself on Twitter (it is a kind-of talent, albeit a dubious accomplishment). On the other hand, doesn’t the dude have a job to do? There’s the pandemic response and all the U.S. political upheaval and now a Texas ice storm to navigate, and Cruz’s been busying himself by smarting off over Shakespeare after beefing with Seth Rogen and Cary Elwes and losing both battles. Ted’s latest self-takedown was a doozy, given that he fell for a parody article (from conservative parody site The Babylon Bee) while tweeting, “I wish this was parody.”

He’s the master at self-humiliation, and he keeps coming back for more. Much like the Zodiac Killer, the Cruz just can’t stop. After he noticed how people were laughing at him for falling for an article with such a ridiculous headline (“Disney Posts Job Ad Looking For Strong, Fierce Women Who Are Also Obedient, Submissive, And Docile,” a reference to Gina Carano’s The Mandalorian firing), Ted got defensive and frustrated, so he said something that makes, uh, very little sense:

“Why do you have to explain irony to Newsweek?” could mean a lot of things, but it definitely doesn’t communicate that Ted acknowledges that he fell for a parody article. Surprise, surprise, people are firing shots at him over this comeback, too.

Speaking of John Oliver, the Last Week Tonight took a swing at Cruz over his impeachment shenanigans, including meeting with Trump’s lawyers ahead of the trial and assuring them that they’d “already won.” As Oliver put things, “Dead eyes, empty heart. Ted Cruz!” He’s not wrong.