Ted Cruz Got Busted Playing On His Phone During Senate Testimony On The Jan. 6th Capitol Riot, And People Are Letting Him Have It

Ted Cruz simply cannot move away from showing off perpetually bad looks after jetting away for an ill-advised Cancun vacation while millions of Texans froze during a catastrophic, mega-power outage. The last we heard from Cruz (after his morphing excuses, none of which could justify leaving even his dog, Snowflake, in the cold), he was hopping mad. He podcasted his anger about those “a**holes” who leaked his wife’s texts about the Mexico getaway, and so, what’s Ted Cruz doing while back at work?

He’s been sitting in the Senate chamber and staring at his phone. Cruz did so while apparently not-listening to former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund during his opening testimony about the MAGA insurrection on the U.S. Capitol that Cruz helped (along with Josh Hawley and Donald Trump) to incite. Here’s Sund talking about how intelligence didn’t warn of the magnitude of the violence that transpired in the January 6 riot, which left at least five people dead, including Officer Brian Sicknick (and two other officers committed suicide after the attack). And here is Ted Cruz, playing on his phone.

Via CNN, Sund also called the riot “the worst attack on law enforcement” that he saw during his 30-year career. He described the MAGA insurrectionists as “criminals” who “came prepared for war” and attacked with “fists, pipes, sticks, bats, metal barricades, and flag poles.” Sund added, “I’m sickened by what I witnessed that day.” As for Cruz, he did not appear to be sickened while listening to the testimony. People definitely noticed his behavior and let him have it. Yes, there were Cancun travel jokes, but people were also disgusted at Cruz not seeming to care much at all (except maybe an Expedia deal).

Also, he’s being roasted as the “Last Responder” after his water-dropoff photo op over the weekend. His reputation has never been great, but it’s really in the can these days.