Ted Cruz Is Being Called Out For A Poorly-Aged Tweet While Texas’ Ongoing Power Crisis Bites Him In The Butt

Ted Cruz can’t help himself. Less than four months ago, the much maligned senator from Texas hightailed it to Cancun while his constituents suffered through a devastating (and deadly) ice storm and (literally) froze. The next day, Ted flew back to Texas with his tail between his legs, but he hasn’t learned his lesson. On Monday night, after ERCOT issued a warning for Texans to conserve power as the state’s self-isolated energy grid began to fail in the heat wave, Ted was apparently distracting himself from all the Cancun jokes by trying to be “controversial” about the Pledge of Allegiance.

Meanwhile, a dubious Twitter gem from Ted is receiving a lot of attention. The tweet’s poorly-aging after less than one year, given that Ted dragged California, which he had called out for asking its residents to conserve power, too. “California is now unable to perform even basic functions of civilization, like having reliable electricity,” Ted chirped in August 2020. “Biden/Harris/AOC want to make CA’s failed energy policy the standard nationwide.” Then he added a gut punch: “Hope you don’t like air conditioning!”

The pile-on began, and considering that no one likes Ted Cruz (at least, no one will admit to liking Ted Cruz), this was a well-deserved communal display from Twitter users.

Yep, time to book a trip to Cancun, Ted!

In all seriousness, fingers are duly crossed for the residents of Texas that ERCOT will get it together. Dealing without air-conditioning in a heat wave is not fun and potentially dangerous as well.