Ted Cruz Is Now Being Bombarded With A Shakespeare-Roasting After He Acted Like A Smarty Pants

Ted Cruz can’t win, even when he thinks he’s winning. He’s self-owning again after acting like a literature smarty pants on Twitter, and now, his replies are paying the price. This, of course, is only adding to the record week that Cruz is having, given that Republican lawmakers read mean tweets about him on the Senate floor, and Chris Cuomo came for him over breast milk. What a wild 2021 this is turning out to be for the not-Zodiac Killer after beefing with Seth Rogen and Cary Elwes and losing both fights.

Back on the subject of literary madness, Cruz decided to point out to NBC News Chief Washington Correspondent Andrea Mitchell that she erroneously attributed the Shakespeare’s “sound and fury” quote (while discussing Cruz bashing the impeachment hearings) to William Faulkner, who titled a novel after The Bard’s quote.

Sure, Mitchell did get the quote wrong, but Ted’s pointing out of the error was (keeping with his usual style) fairly obnoxious. “Methinks she doth protest too much,” Cruz tapped. “One would think NBC would know the Bard. Andrea, take a look at Macbeth act 5, scene 5.”

Mitchell owned up to the error with a genuine apology.

Well, people decided to take this opportunity to bag on Cruz, who is unrepentant for all of his own errors, so the floodgates opened with Shakespeare quotes like “a most contagious treason come to light.” Lots of general eye-rolling happened, too.

This one might be the funniest non-quote in history: “I wanna have a beer and quote Shakespeare with Ted Cruz.”