This Teen Tweeted The Reasons Why ‘Canada Is Better Than America’ And… She Kind Of Has A Point?

Shutterstock / Tom Horton's /Twitter

With Donald Trump now headed to a general election as the Republican presidential nominee, don’t expect threats from Americans claiming that they’re going to move to Canada to subside anytime soon. But if this 17-year-old girl named Mackenzie from Ontario, Canada has anything to say about it, there are worse places to live! Mackenzie recently made waves by tweeting an exhaustive, comprehensive list containing reasons why Canada is better than America, and you know, she’s not entirely wrong.

Mackenzie originally started the list as a joke between her and her circle of friends, one of whom even happens to be an American, but as her tweets went viral, they naturally sparked vitriol of American citizens furious with some such and such Canadian teen having the nerve to insinuate that her country was better than theirs. She later told The Daily Mail, “We were joking around and saying why we liked Canada, so I tweeted it as a joke at the one American in the group. When more people started re-tweeting it, I was shocked because it was just a joke.”

And just what had people so riled up? You can see the thread of her entire list here (starting with #35 and working on up), but here are a few of the pieces of her more — shall we say — compelling evidence.

(She could have ended the list right there, TBH.)

(Note to self: Find out what “Beaver Tails” are ASAP.)

In Canada, I believe that’s what they call a mic drop, eh?

(via Daily Mail)