Texas Republicans’ Quotes About California’s Blackouts Are Now Coming Back To Bite Them In The Butt

Currently, large swaths of the country are experiencing power outages thanks to a winter storm sweeping the midwest. Texas is among those states hardest hit, with millions in cities like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio without power as temperatures continue to drop and more snow is expected this week. And all of this is terrible, especially for the people suffering — and dying — because they don’t have enough heat, but it’s also prompted Twitter to remind Republicans from the state of their own hypocrisy.

Senator Ted Cruz is among those politicians whose tweets are now coming back to haunt them. Cruz, along with GOP members like Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Representative Dan Crenshaw, and Senator John Coryn, threw a fit late last year over California Governor Gavin Newsom’s energy conservation campaign. The state was experiencing a heatwave that plunged millions into rolling blackouts and Newsom’s directives — simple requests like turning off unnecessary lighting and avoiding using major appliances — drew the ire of Republicans who blamed everyone from Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Joe Biden (who wasn’t even president at the time) for the “failed” energy policies of the state.

Now, with Texas suffering a similar fate — the cold weather has caused an increase in energy usage, and the state can’t keep up with the demand for more power — Cruz and his buddies’ words are coming back to bite them.

It’s a shame we’re still trying to convince some of these politicians that climate change is, in fact, real because all of that wasted energy could’ve already been spent keeping Texans warm during a freak snowstorm.