A Texas Christian Lady Went To A School Board Meeting And Proudly Proclaimed That She’s Never, Ever Had Anything Put In Her Butt

With schools back in session as the Delta variant continues to spike cases across the country, school board meetings have essentially descended into battlefields where angry parents routinely show up to rail against mask mandates. Some of these encounters have gotten downright nasty and many have required the police to show up and physically remove people from the buildings. It’s not been a great situation.

During a Wednesday night school board meeting in Texas, things took a decidedly different turn even though anti-masking was still in the mix. While taking the podium, former Lake Travis ISD school board candidate Kara Bell proceeded to read an excerpt from the book, Out of Darkness, which described sexually explicit acts, specifically the term “cornhole.” Not being familiar with the phrase outside of the backyard BBQ game, Bell Googled the word and learned that it means anal sex, which prompted her to show up at the meeting and proceed to loudly declare that her butt is strictly off-limits while blasting the book’s availability to middle school students.

“I’ve never had anal sex. I don’t want to have anal sex. I don’t want my kids having anal sex. I want you to start focusing on education and not public health!” Bell yelled as the board cut her mic and struggled to bring her time to an end.

You can watch her NSFW rant below:

While Bell’s rant is noticeably unhinged, the crazy part is that it actually worked. According to KXAN Austin, Out of Darkness was pulled from two of the district’s middle schools pending a review by the school board. It appears the only thing taking it up the butt on Kara Bell’s watch is reading.

(Via delrayser on Twitter)